6 Best Point and Shoot Film Camera in 2022

6 Best Point and Shoot Film Camera in 2022

When it comes to photography, there are many different types of cameras to choose from. If you’re looking for a great point-and-shoot film camera, then look no further! In this blog post, we will be discussing the best point and shoot film cameras on the market. We’ll also be sharing our top picks for the best budget-friendly options. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, read on to find out which camera is right for you!

There are many types of cameras that you can buy for your photography needs. The most popular type is the point-and-shoot camera. Point and shoot film cameras are a great way to get started in photography. They are simple to use and often produce excellent results. 

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best point and shoot film cameras on the market. We will also discuss some of the features that you should look for when purchasing a point and shoot film camera. So, if you are interested in learning more about point and shoot film cameras, be sure to keep reading! If you’re looking for a camera that’s nice and simple to use, takes fantastic shots and is nice and portable, then this is the post for you!

Holga 120N

“If you’re looking for a camera that will make your photos look like they were taken in the 80s, then this is a perfect choice. The Holga 120N has been around since 1982 and still manages to produce amazing results.”

I am here to share my thoughts on the Holga 120N camera. This is a toy camera that I have been using lately, and it has really helped me get out of my comfort zone with photography. I love how this camera forces you to be creative because there are no settings, just focus, and exposure dials so you can’t rely on auto-mode!

The only setting the 120N offers is a timer which allows for delayed shutter release. There are also two plastic lenses that come in black or yellow colors. If you’re looking for a fun way to break out of your old habits when taking pictures then try this one!

The Holga 120N is a toy camera, meaning you are limited in what type of shots can be captured. However, it does have an aperture size that allows for outdoor shooting with either f/8 or 11 settings making this the perfect choice if you want some creativity outside your comfort zone!

This camera is a great choice for outdoor photography, but it doesn’t work well indoors. It has an aperture of f/8 or 11 which makes sure that the photos will have good exposure in any lighting situation you put them into!



Camera Type:Medium format film camera
Lens:60mm f/8 plastic lens
Aperture:f/8 to f/11 (cloudy and sunny)
Focusing:Manual; zone focusing system with four marked distances: 3′ / 0.9 m 6′ / 1.8 m 18′ / 5.5 m 30′ / 9.1 m to infinity
Shutter Speed:Normal: 1/100 sec. Bulb
  • Easy to use
  • Artistic results are known
  • Ideal for taking portraits
  • Available only in F/8 and F/11

Yashica MF-1 Snapshot 35mm

With the Yashica MF-1, you’ll be able to capture life’s everyday moments with a vintage flair. This camera has a built-in flash and automatic exposure control so you can focus on capturing your memories without worrying about how to properly use your camera. The shutter release button is conveniently located right at your fingertips, so all you have to do is press it down for an instant picture! It also features a high-quality viewfinder that will give you precise framing of what you are photographing. Capture precious moments in style with this retro digital camera!

I’ve been using my Yashica MF-1 for a little over six months now, and I just can’t stop taking pictures with it. It’s an inexpensive camera that provides the best of both worlds – it takes beautiful 35mm photos, but you can also shoot without any film in it at all!

The Lomo MF-1 is a great camera for those who want to capture the feel of authentic analog photography without having too much difficulty. It has relatively good optics when compared with other film cameras we will be featuring, but its performance in terms of sharpness could use some improvement.

The MF-1 gives you the Lomography vibe where you don’t need to think a lot when using the camera. Its optics are relatively better than most film cameras we will feature, but we’d say that this model has an edge in terms of sharpness; after all, it was designed for digital photography!

Format:35 mm Film
Shutter Speed:1/120s
Battery:1 x AA Alkaline
Dimensions:4.5 x 2.4 x 1.25″ / 11.4 x 6.1 x 3.2 cm
  • Easy to operate
  • The optics of most point and shoot film cameras are relatively good
  • Flash is included
  • The crank feels flimsy

Lomography LC-A

The Lomography LC-A is a 35mm camera that was first released in 1984. It uses an automatic flash and has a fixed aperture of f/2.8, so the user doesn’t have to worry about setting the shutter speed or focusing on their own. The lens is coated with an anti-reflective coating for sharper images and it also allows more light into the camera body. If you’re looking for a vintage-looking camera then this may be just what you need!

I’ve been a fan of Lomography for years now, and I’m excited to share this post about their latest lens. The LC-A is a new 50mm lens that can be mounted on any 35mm camera. It’s an updated version of the original fisheye lens from 1979 and offers a pretty unique perspective!

Auto exposure and manual controls are not enough to get the perfect shot. With Lomo’s versatile LC-A, you can play around with automatic settings or experiment on how long your shutter speed should be for each photo taken in order to get just what every client desires!

The Lomo LC-A is a camera that many professionals have fallen in love with. This camera can be used for both daytime pictures as well as those taken at night, thanks to its automatic exposure settings and long exposures which produce magnificent results no matter what time of day it may be!



Lens:38mm f/4.5 Minigon XL Multi-coated glass (21mm equivalent)
Format:120 roll film
Focus Type:Manual Focus (4 distance zones)
Focusing Range:2′ to infinity (60 cm to infinity)
Shutter Speed:Bulb to 1/500 sec 

  • Capable of handling multiple exposures
  • Creates sharp and color-saturated images
  • Excellent optics
  • N/A

Argus FF250

Argus FF250 is a great digital camera that delivers high-quality pictures and videos. Although it does not have all of the features of some other cameras, it still offers an impressive array of functions for such a low price. It also has many convenient accessories to make your life easier. Read on to find out more about this fantastic product!

Argus FF250 is a brand new high-speed digital film scanner that can scan 35mm, APS, and medium format films. If you are looking to digitize your old photos, this scanner will make the process quick and easy. It’s designed to work with any Windows or Mac computer running on an x86 processor (Intel/AMD). The software included in the box is compatible with all major operating systems including Windows 7, 8, 10 as well as OS X El Capitan.

This device can also be used by photographers who want to sell their images online because it has the ability to reproduce colors accurately due to its 3-pass scanning system which uses advanced algorithms for color restoration. You can expect professional quality scans from Argus because they have

The Argus FF250 offers optics that produce sharp images. On top of that, it makes it easy to load and unload the film which is great for taking pictures in any situation! You can also choose from three different speeds depending on what kind of lighting conditions you are shooting under without wasting too many shots with your camera by not over-exposing an image when photography was meant to be taken at night time during daylight hours – even though there’s no Lumilectrix here anymore (I miss you).

The Argus FF250 is a photographer’s dream. It has easy loading and unloading capabilities that make taking photos simple, as well as an ergonomic design to fit your hands comfortably while still providing high-quality optics with sharpness so you can take great pictures from any distance or position!



Dimensions:51 mm x 58 mm x 16 mm
Battery Chemistry:NiMH, Newer type of rechar
Weight:128 g
Function battery performs:General, Gene
  • Easy to use
  • Loading and unloading the film is easy
  • Sharp images are produced
  • A large viewfinder for easy viewing
  • Results of average quality

Pentax IQ Zoom EZY-R 35mm

The Pentax IQ Zoom EZY-R 35mm is the smallest, lightest, and most affordable lens in its class. With a compact design that’s perfect for everyday use, it offers sharp images with beautiful bokeh effects. This lens will work on any Pentax camera system!

But if you’re looking for an affordable film camera with the ease of digital, this is it! The Pentax IQ Zoom EZY-R 35mm has all the features of a modern point and shoot with none of the fuss. It’s designed to be easy to use – no dials or buttons that are hard to figure out when you’re in a hurry. And because it uses standard AA batteries, there’s nothing more frustrating than running out of power in the middle of your day or vacation. Plus, at just $49.95 (US) and available on Amazon Prime it won’t break your budget either!

The Pentax IQ Zoom EZY-R camera has been known for its versatility. It can do everything from taking great photos, to filming in 16×9 widescreen format and even video recording! But what many people don’t know about this film point n shoot is how it lacks some features found on other cameras such as not being able to focus or advance the film with ease like an actual DSLR would allow you to – but then again that might be something worth considering when buying any disposable models?

The Pentax IQ Zoom EZY-R is one of the most underrated point-and-shoot cameras out there, but it does have its flaws. For example, it can’t focus easily or advance the film with any kind of ease when compared to other disposable models from years ago – which makes this camera more difficult than necessary in some aspects!

Film Format Type:35mm
Exposure Control Type:Automatic
Item Weight:0.05 Pounds
  • Ideal for landscape and portrait photography
  • Easy to use
  • A 38-70mm zoom lens is included
  • Hard to use film advance

Olympus Stylus 120 35mm

The Olympus Stylus 120 35mm is a camera that came out in 1991. It was made with the intention of being light and small enough to carry around, but also sturdy enough to take on some wear and tear. This camera is great for those who are looking for something smaller than most cameras today, or people who want a simple point-and-shoot type of device without all the bells and whistles.

I’m a photographer and I’ve been buying used cameras for years. One of my favorite places to buy them is at pawn shops. Recently, I found an Olympus Stylus 120 35mm camera that has proven to be not only durable but also versatile with its features.

The Olympus Stylus 120 35mm takes really good pictures in all sorts of conditions, including low light or high contrast environments where other cameras would have trouble focusing on the subject matter. This makes it perfect for photographing people as well as landscapes and nature scenes because it can handle both intense colors and dark shadows without leaving out important details.

The Fuji X-T10 has many features that make it easy to use, including its great performance in low light. It also offers a lot of assistance when shooting indoors or outside on color balancing and red-eye reduction making sure you get good results every time!

The camera is powered with features that allow you to capture images in any situation. It has a pop-up flash and various color balancing options for capturing clear shots of all subjects, not just people or landmarks!

Film Format Type:35mm
Exposure Control Type:Automatic
Item Dimensions LxWxH:1.6 x 4.6 x 2.4 inch
  • Design that is rugged
  • Flash pop-up included
  • Zoom lens
  • Difficult to focus on the subject

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Final Remarks

If you’re looking to get into the world of photography without having to invest too much money, point and shoot film cameras are a great place to start. These cameras allow you to take pictures in an analog form, giving your photos that unique quality that can’t be found on a digital camera or phone screen. There are many different points and shoot film cameras available for purchase today, but here is our list of three favorites!

We hope you enjoyed our review of the three best points and shoot film cameras available today! These are great options for anyone who is looking to get into analog photography without having to invest too much money. Whether you’re just starting out or have been photographing for years, these camera models should be able to suit your needs perfectly.

6 Best Point and Shoot Film Camera in 2022
6 Best Point and Shoot Film Camera in 2022

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