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A digital camera is a type of camera that captures and stores images in the form of electronic signals. Digital cameras use CMOS or CCD image sensors to capture images with an integrated light-sensitive diode array, unlike film cameras which rely on chemical processing. A typical digital camera has one lens for taking still photographs and another lens for capturing video clips. The two lenses are not interchangeable, but most digital cameras allow users to switch between them.

A camera is a device that captures visual images. There are many types of cameras that are designed for different purposes, but the most common type is the digital camera which uses an image sensor to record digital data instead of chemical film. This article will discuss how these devices work.

A digital camera is a device that captures and stores images digitally. It works by converting the light that enters through its lens into an electric signal of varying voltage, which represents different levels of brightness. This allows you to take pictures without using film and processing them in order to create photographs. Digital cameras can be used for professional photography, as well as more casual use such as capturing family moments or vacation photos.